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Rainer Moehring was born of German parents in Canada, but has lived most of his life in the United States.  His background has led to a very international perspective and broad awareness (helped by the fact that his mother lived through the German hyperinflation of the early 1920’s).  He also had some experiences early in his adult life that caused him to question certain things, which led him to investigate economics, finance, and cycles in great detail.  That was, in part, brought on by having studied economics at university, and in part brought on by experiences after graduation.  Along the way, he came across, and learned, both the Kondratieff wave and Elliott waves – and was able, on the basis of those, to start figuring out what was really going on.  One other element had to be added, which he found out about in 2001 (the law against recessions), but after that, virtually everything always made sense (and before, for a while already, nearly everything had already made sense) and since then, he has successfully predicted everything that has been happening (although not necessarily exactly when it would happen).  The methodology also predicts what is still to come (although again, not necessarily the exact timing). 



Degree:  Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (also studied economics while at university) 



Relevant experience:  I became curious why certain things were happening the way they were – compounded by experiences I was having with my investments.  So I started looking into things and gradually started coming across information that I realized was relevant.  Eventually, I integrated that information into a cohesive whole – and began to consistently predict things that came true, economically and financially, which gave me the confidence that I was right.  The result is the information that I present on this website.  It is very “unconventional” information – but I realized along the way that only the unconventional information that I was coming across was of any (real) value at all.  Only it provides a context that makes it possible to really understand what is going on – and also makes it easily possible to see (accurately and consistently) what is coming in the future.