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There is basically no one out there, among the people I knew about already (besides myself) before I put up this website, who knows more accurately how the world really works than Robert Prechter (the founder of Elliott Wave International).  REMcMaster and Harry Dent are two others, but Harry Dent's emphasis is somewhat different and REMcMaster is almost entirely focused on futures trading, which Robert Prechter is not (in terms of his recommendations). 

The only thing that Robert Prechter has gotten truly wrong in a major way over the years has been the stock market - he has been right about most other commodities markets most of the time.  But people don't know that because most people focus mostly on the stock market and he has been truly wrong about the stock market most of the time since 1987 (not so much recently again, as of the fall of 2010, but again in the spring of 2011) because of his super-bearish bias all along since 1987 already (noting that he was actually a super-bull during the late 1970's/early 1980's when he was first getting started professionally as a young man, when most people did not want to believe at all anymore that the stock market could actually go up again after the bear market of the 1970's - just that he thought the bull market was over with in 1987 and it turned out it wasn't; I explain on this website why it was not).  Basically, Robert Prechter has only been right, in the time since the stock market crash of 1987, when the market was actually going down or was immediately ready to (such as in the early 2000's and in the last couple of years or so since 2008) and in the initial part of the recoveries afterward.  He did not anticipate that the recoveries would last as long as they did - because he does not accept the law against recessions because of his most basic bias, a situation which I explain on this website, and his bias does not apply to most other markets and so he has been much more accurate about those over the years. 

If you want to do more conventional things, you can pay more attention to Harry Dent, but I will note that most of his information is very long-term - because of the direction from which he comes at things - and ending up with any results is, consequently, going to take a while. 

Since the rest of my website is free, I charge for the updates - and less than just about any other financial information publisher charges, anyway, and compared to most of them, a lot less, including the ones in my related links.  My updates also tend to be a lot more frequent than those of the others and in the cases where the others also do frequent updates, I charge a lot less, in part in the spirit of the internet, since my business is internet-only and started that way.  I will add that in the cases of the others who provide frequent updates, they either charge a lot more for them or do mostly only short-term updates in their frequent updates and have other publications, that have separate charges, for the longer-term updates - I do not bother with that, if I think something is significant, I simply mention it in my ongoing updates, all in one place, whenever it comes up, whether it is a short-term issue or a long-term issue.  I might add that in most other cases, the financial publishers who do have more than one publication were already publishing before the internet became publicly available and that is why they have more than one publication, they simply kept that going the way they had it before. 

I will note that in the cases of my related links that are strictly informational, the information being presented is either very limited in scope (unlike my website) or does not have ongoing updates (unlike my website), or both.  In one or two cases, the information being presented on the overall website is quite comprehensive, but there are no ongoing updates, the website administrator simply expects people to come back from time to time to find out for themselves what is new (if anything - the information on those websites does not change frequently).  My basic model does not change - but developments in the world are frequent and that is why I do ongoing updates (to place the developments in the world into the context of my model).  I want people to be able to stay on top of what is going on, relative to my model, without having to hunt for the information.