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Economics is not extremely complicated if one has the right model.  It really does all make sense and is really not actually even all that complicated in order to make sense if one has the right model. 

The Keynesian economists tend to make it look a lot more complicated than it really is - and most of them really do believe that it takes an economics degree to understand the economy. 

My model is, however, not totally simple. 

I could probably write a book to fully describe it and that is why I don't describe it fully on this website, so as not to overwhelm the reader.  (I may still write a book sometime down the road - but that is probably still at least a ways off, writing a book is not a trivial task, and I may never do it.) 

But one certainly does not need the equivalent of at least years of college economics courses - i.e., at least several books - to understand economics, at least not the version that I present here.  One just needs the right information - and, especially, having it combined into the right model.  I have done that.  The result, in summary form, is the information on this website.